Friday, March 15, 2013

Look at what I received from my Bead Soup Blog Party partner, Jodie Marshall! Jodie is a lamp work bead creator and fabulous beader! I love the colors of the soup she sent me, don't you?!? 

I have to admit ~ I'm not overly comfortable working with lamp work beads ~ I'm afraid they will crack or chip while I'm working with them, and I tend to be a little more austere and rustic in my designs (with a Miriam Haskell twist, of course!). 

With that said, Jodie's bead soup has me excited about the possibilities of creating something she would be proud of! Above all ~ I don't want her to cringe when she sees my reveal on March 30th at the blog party!


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  1. beautiful necklace Barb!!! i am going to have to get some courage and join this fun exchange!! LOVE the creativity! and the "surprise" of it all! xoxo!!

  2. Frankie - You'll have such a good time if you join the Bead Soup Blog Party! You meet the most talented and creative people! And you get challenged to be your best with the ingredient exchange! I guarantee you'll be glad you signed up! I wouldn't steer you wrong, my friend :-)