Wednesday, June 20, 2012

summer vacationers on the beach in Coronado!

beautiful Coronado beach!
Isn’t it grand to be by the sea?!?
Lots of beach bunnies in Coronado!
blue skies and warm, sandy beaches in Coronado!
Hello friends ....
I am beginning to feel so excited, as it is just one more day before I will be by the beach, getting ready to meet you! We have begun to have temps in the middle to upper 90s here in my part of Texas, so the temperatures in Coronado look simply divine!
I have packed up many goodies, and looks like my supplies (along with class kits) have made it safely to Barb, who is already in Coronado, waiting for your arrival!
If there is anything you might need, please let me know...I still have time to tuck it inside my bags...
See you soon~

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